The latest hospitality trend these days is taking extreme, and often unnecessary, measures to impress hotel guests. We’re not talking basic room upgrades and an artisanal chocolate on your pillow.

We’re talking teleportation chambers and robot butlers.

In some ways, we commend these hotels for making such an effort and introducing us to unique experiences. But we also wonder if it’s really worth all the money they are spending.

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My name is Maggie Parker, and I am a travel addict.

Many people say they are addicted to travel, but the difference between being a travel fanatic and being a travel addict lies in what happens when you return home. When I get home from a trip, I come down so hard it’s as if I spent a week on cocaine or ecstasy (I imagine).

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While on safari in South Africa, your days will look something like this: game drive, eat, drink, repeat. The most important part of the day is obviously the game drive, during which you will hopefully find South Africa’s Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros, and buffalo). However, don’t overlook the other activities, especially the drinking. South Africa is a country known for its delicious wines, and between sundowners, dinner, high tea, downtime, and nightcaps, there will be plenty of opportunities while on safari to sample the country’s best vino.

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