Afar:    The Best Amenity Kits in First Class

Afar: The Best Amenity Kits in First Class

It’s the little things that count, right? So, while extra legroom and large seatbacks make flying immensely more comfortable, let’s not overlook the little luxuries that come inside an amenity kit.

If a complimentary toothbrush, eye mask, and a tiny bottle of liquor can make a flight that much better, imagine what designer bags filled with high-end goodies can do. The following are the best amenity kits under the sun, stuffed with luxury products to make flying more comfortable and passengers more attractive all over the world.

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You know that thing they say about first impressions: They’re important. And what’s the first thing you see upon entering a hotel? The lobby. So, while it’s also important that the bed is comfy and the bathroom sparkly, it’s the lobby that can make or break a hotel’s reputation. That’s why hotels all over the world spend millions of dollars importing things like rare plants and Italian marble to impress guests the second they walk in the door.

To some hotels, however, unique stone and flora are just the tip of the iceberg. From multi-ton chandeliers to indoor gardens, these 10 hotel lobbies really get that whole “first impression” thing.

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